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The Corporate Kid: Rainbow After the Storm

The poems of Nicole Lanier Montez are mingled with artwork and open space, with encouragement for the reader to share poems and interact with the book content.  The Corporate Kid: Rainbow After the Storm seeks to create a chorus of blended voices.


Publisher: Plain View Press. 2014

Paperback. 79 pages color interior

Target audience: Young adult & adult

$17.00 + $6.50 S/H​


Sleepwalkers is the resuscitation attempt to awaken mild to heavy sleepers. The 6,284 words strike without weakness; questioning social, economic and religious implications that define us. It is a thought provoking compilation of vibrant poetry and rich short stories, to be enjoyed by people from all walks of life.


Publisher: Plain View Press. 2012

Paperback. 95 pages

Target audience: Young adult & adult

$14.00 + $6.50 S/H 

Scrambled Eggs is witty, sensual, bold and refreshing. For twenty minutes and fifty-six seconds experience one of the best times of your life without taking off your clothes. Here is a poet whose spectrum illuminates and shows no sign of slowing down.


Publisher:Open Closet Productions. 2015

Spoken Word CD

Target audience: young adult/adult

$5.00 + $6.50 S/H


100% polyester. Image on front and back.

No zipper. Spot or dry clean.

Cuddling Cats white drinking mug


Key Chain:

Hip Hop Forever

Acrylic key chain. Square. Double-sided.

Words Out Loud

Poetry Workshop

Poetry is the comforter of the soul. The workshop is a tool used to capture emotions, life experiences, thoughts, visions and creativity. Participants garner ideas from the poetry workshop, share questions, research, think outside the stanzas and read/recite their poetry.
Social connections are made and entertainment is bountiful.
Poetry Workshops:
Non-Profit- $60. 
For-Profit - $120.
One hour session.
Target age: From 10 to 100
Four Square Mile provides workshop materials. 
Additional travel/lodge expenses may apply.
Contact Four Square Mile 
six weeks in advance for availability and full details.
Four Square Mile
donates 5% to causes
benefiting children

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