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Hello Book lovers, 


Four Square Mile is not afraid to be bold, different, and create outside the mainstream. Our bookmarks are handcrafted, almost never duplicated, and unique just like you.


Our intent is for everyone to have an unrepeatable bookmark; therefore, when bookmarks are sold-out, we begin the process of creating new styles.


What you need to know before ordering:

Because of the demand for our bookmarks and providing every customer with a unique experience, our bookmarks are available only at in-person events (book festivals, book readings/signings, festivals, community events, pop-ups, ect.);  please visit our Readings and Events page.


We will be happy to discuss any special request.



Material  Size &  Price:

Fabric                                                         Approximately 8"            $4.00


Zinc Alloy and Silver plated                  3.5"                                    $12.00


Ribbon                                                     Approximately 11"            $12.00


Zinc Alloy/Antique bronze                   5"                                          $17.00





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